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News 2018


Courses in 2018

April 2018
Faroes Islands: Guest lessons at the Vinnuháskúlin Maskinmesterskolen in Torshavn. The students of the school use our new gas- an dual-fuel engine books. Two mornings guest lessons for the students and one morning for the industry. This is the first school that purchase the gas-and duel-fuel engine books for all their students.

target kvk 2012

On the background the Vinnuháskúlin Maskinmesterskolen on top of the hill.

June 2018
Bremerhaven, Germany: On board of the container vessel “Manila Maersk” for the special layout of the engine room, two low speed crosshead engines and one Waste Heat Recovery System, placed between the port side and starboard side main engine.

Length/Beam 399/58 m
Gross Tonnage 214.286

target kvk 2012

Kees Kuiken, author and publisher of gas, dual-fuel and diesel-engine books with his eldest son Christiaan, Chief officer Maersk in front of one of the main engines.

target kvk 2012

The Waste Heat Recovery System, WHRS, of the “Manila Maersk” with from left to right the Power Turbine, The Steam Turbine and the Electrical Generator.

Planned courses 2018-2019

November 2018
Gas- and dual-fuel engines for ship propulsion and powerplants for service engineers.
Two courses: Four days each at MaK Bolier, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

January 2019
Rotating Equipment Gasunie NV, the Netherlands.
Gas-engines, gas-turbines, reciprocating- and centrifugal- compressors and electrically driven centrifugal compressors technical operators.
One course, five days.

target kvk 2012

Kees, Christiaan, Niels and Truus Kuiken at the chamber of Commerce, Groningen. December 2012

Christiaan Kuiken, dual maritime officer will take care of the new technical developments in the maritime field. Niels Kuiken is responsible for the website, logistics and stores. Truus Kuiken will continue with the administration and customer service and Kees Kuiken will publish new items and a gas engine book in Juni 2016.



Diesel engine books, second edition, orders in 2017.

The following institutes ordered the books for the training of their students.

  • Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz, Terschelling, the Netherlands.
  • Maritime Institute Chalmers, part of Cremona, Göteborg, Sweden.
  • The Maskinmesterskolen in Arhus and Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • IMM Bergen University College, Bergen, Norway.
  • The Maritime Institute of California, Vallejo, United States.
  • The United States Coastguard, Portland, USA.
  • STC Group, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Gas- and dual-fuel engine book for Ship propulsion, powerplants and cogeneration.

The first customer is the training centre of MAN Diesel & Turbo Copenhagen.



The new Diesel Engine Book

Look inside ′Diesel Engines′

This second completely revised edition, July 2012, of a two-part book on diesel engines is intended for all who work with diesel engines for maritime propulsion and power generation.

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News from the author

The diesel-engine manufacterers

The production level of diesel engines is low. Who have an important market share in the four diesel engine categories?

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Topic of the month

Wear of cylinder liners

Insufficient insulation of electrical systems on dieselgenerator sets can cause serious damage of cylinder liners and crankpin and crankshaft bearings.

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Dual fuel engines for lower emissions

Natural gas is the ideal fossil fuel to minimize the exhaust- gas emissions of modern dual-fuel diesel engines; also the cost of maintenance and repair will be reduced considerably.

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