Courses for the industry 2000-2013

Akzo Delesto (170 MWe), Delfzijl, NL

Gas and steam turbines, Steam Boilers, CHP.

Axima Services, Brussels, Belgium

Gas engines for cogeneration.

Basic course diesel engines

Anglo Belgium Corporation,Ghent,Ruys International,CF Techniek,Solfic,Kemper en Twist Diesel, Brent OCC and Electrabel,Belgium

Bredenoord Aggregaten BV. Apeldoorn, NL

Exhaust gas emissions with diesel engines.

Bolier-MAK, Dordrecht, NL

Medium speed diesel engines.

Course Rotating Equipment-Gasturbines

Gas engines, Reciprocating compressors, Centrifugal compressors and electric driven compressors,Gasunie,The Netherlands

Cummins Engine, Daventry, UK

Gas engines for cogeneration (on location).

Delta Nuts, Middelburg, NL

Gas engines for cogeneration.

Deutz Power Systems, Rotterdam, NL

Gas engines for cogeneration.

Electrabel Doel, Antwerp, Belgium

Basic course diesel engines (on location).

Essent Energy Production, Enschede, NL

Gas and steam turbines, Steam Boilers (CHP).

Gaz de France, Den Helder, NL

Gas-compressor sets.

Goltens,Rotterdam, NL

Diesel engines.

Goltens Co. Ltd. Dubai Branch, UAE

Basic course diesel engines (on location).

IHC Holland Dredging, Kinderdijk, NL

Diesel engines propulsion systems.

International Machine Mounting, Brussel, Belgium

Diesel engines for powerplants (on location Kotu powerplant, Gambia).

IVAM, University of Amsterdam, NL

Energy savings (on location Ulan Batar, Mongolia).

JR Shipping BV, Harlingen, NL

Two stroke crosshead diesel engines (on board). Master class apprent engineers (on board).

Paul Klaren Trading, Dordrecht, NL

Medium speed diesel engines.

Machine Support, Ridderkerk, NL

Diesel engines propulsion systems.

MAN Diesel & Turbo Benelux NV, Turbocharger Departement, Antwerp, Belgium

The interaction between the turbocharger and the diesel engine
(on location).

Mark van Schaick, Schiedam, NL

Diesel engines.

Mega Limburg, Buggenum, NL

Gas engines for cogeneration.

NV Nederlandse Gasunie, Deventer, NL

Rotating Equipment. Centrifugal compressors. Gas turbines. Reciprocating compressors. Gas engines (on location).

Nicoverken Holland BV, Schiedam, NL

Basic course diesel engines.

Nuon, Lelystad, NL

Biomass power plant with steam turbines.

Powertec, Aalsmeer, NL

Gas engines for cogeneration.

Rolls Royce Benelux

Industrial gas engines.

Seccacier Ciec, Paris, France

Gas engines for cogeneration (on location).

Sulzer Repco BV, Rotterdam, NL

Bearings for steam turbines and centrifugal pumps.

Tilsley and Lovett, Stoke on Trent, UK

Gas engines for cogeneration (on location).

Training Institute for Dredging TID, Kinderdijk, NL

Engine room training (on board).

VAF Instruments, Dordrecht, NL

Heavy fuel treatment for diesel engines.
Trouble shooting Choloma powerplant (on location Choloma powerplant, Honduras).
Trouble shooting heavy fuel booster units (on board of containerships).

Wärtsilä Nederland, Zwolle, NL

Reciprocating compressors.

Waterschap Salland, Zwolle, NL

High speed four stroke diesel engines for pumping stations.

WEB Aruba NV, Aruba

Four stroke diesel engines for powerplants (on location).
Wärtsilä 46 diesel engines. Start-up, commissioning en training (on location.

Van de Wetering, Rotterdam, NL

Diesel engines.

Willtéco, Langedijk, NL

Gas engines.

Woodward governors, Hoofddorp, NL

Gas engines.

Yeast industry Ukraine, Latvia and Moldavia

Gas engines (on location in Ukraine and Latvia).

The new Diesel Engine Book

Look inside ′Diesel Engines′

This third completely revised edition, May 2017, of a three-part book on diesel engines is intended for all who work with diesel engines for maritime propulsion and power generation.

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News from the author

The diesel-engine manufacterers

The production level of diesel engines is low. Who have an important market share in the four diesel engine categories?

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Topic of the month

Wear of cylinder liners

Insufficient insulation of electrical systems on dieselgenerator sets can cause serious damage of cylinder liners and crankpin and crankshaft bearings.

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Dual fuel engines for lower emissions

Natural gas is the ideal fossil fuel to minimize the exhaust- gas emissions of modern dual-fuel diesel engines; also the cost of maintenance and repair will be reduced considerably.

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